Learn to SUP with us!

While stand up paddling isn’t especially difficult (a huge part of its appeal), you do need to learn a few techniques to ensure you get the maximum from you paddling!

SUP paddling has more to it than meets the eye – these are the things you will learn

  • How to hold your paddle
    • Where is your top hand, your bottom hand?
  • Where and how to stand on the board
  • How to turn using your paddle and body
  • The differences between the many types of boards and paddles
  • How to enter and exit the ocean safely

Learning proper technique, safety and local knowledge from day-one will save you from developing bad habits and/or making costly mistakes.

Taking a lesson will ensure you’re paddling easily on a body of water (river, ocean, lake, dam) with confidence and speed in no time.

1) Beginner SUP lessons

90-minute first-time SUPers will learn the basic skills necessary for enjoying SUP

On land instruction, paddling protocols, and into the ocean starting on your knees until you feel comfortable to stand!  You will also learn some basic water safety skills and how to handle paddle in windy conditions and rough water.

  • The cost for a private 90-minute Intro to SUP lesson with all equipment provided:
    $75 individual rate
    $130 couples rate
    $60 each additional person
    $50 for kids 12-16 yrs old with a paying adult

2) Intermediate Skills Lesson

If you already have the basics down and but now you are looking to improve. Intermediate skills include advanced stroke technique, racing skills and tactics (i.e. rounding buoys, fast starts, drafting), and training tips.

The cost for Intermediate Instruction only (no equipment included):
$60 per hour individual rate. $30 each additional hour.

SUP Yoga 

SUP Yoga is an experience designed to work your body on a board surrounded by nature and a supportive community as you take your practice to a new edge!

*Please note: All participants must be able to swim.

What to Wear:

You can wear a swimsuit, a swimsuit + board shorts, or your regular yoga clothes! You may fall in, or you may not. It is best to be prepared with quick-drying clothing in case you do fall in. Pay attention to the weather forecast and bring layers if needed. Wear something that you will be comfortable moving around in!

What to Bring:

  • a beach towel
  • sunglasses (with a strap)
  • sun block
  • water
  • a dry pair of clothes to change into
Sup Yoga

Sup Yoga